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02.00 Epic Histories covering 120 to 250 or More Years

02.00.01 :  White, Howard Ray, Bloodstains, an Epic History of the Politics that Produced and Sustained the American Civil War and the Political Reconstruction that Followed, a narrative, chronological history in four volumes, published in 2002-2012.  [Click on Number to Read Review.]

02.00.02 :  Fleming, Walter L, and many others, The South in the Building of the Nation: a History of the Southern States Designed to Record the South’s Part in the Making of the American Nation; to Portray the Character and Genius, to Chronicle the Achievements and Progress and to Illustrate the Life and Traditions of the Southern People, presented in 13, Volumes published in 1909-1913 by the Southern Historical Publication Society, Richmond Virginia.

02.00.03 :  Bergman, Peter M., The Chronological History of the Negro in America, published in 1969.  [Click on Number to Read Review.]

02.00.04 :  Simkins, Francis Butler, A History of the South, published in 1953 (an expanded version of The South, Old and New, 1820-1947, published in 1947)[Click on Number to Read Review.]

02.00.05 :  Litwack, Leon F., North of Slavery: The Negro in the Free States, 1760-1860, published in 1961.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

02.00.06 :  Beard, Charles A. and Mary R., The Beard’s Basic History of the United States, published in 1944.  [A review of this work is needed] 

02.00.07 :  DuBois, W. E. B.  The Suppression of the African Slave-Trade to the United States of America 1638-1870. Published in 1896. [Click on Number to Read Review]

02.00.08 :  McClanahan, Biron and Clyde N. Wilson, Forgotten Conservatives in American History, published in 2012.  [Click on number to read review]

02.00.09 :  Phillips, Ulrich Bonnell, American Negro Slavery, A Survey of the Supply, Employment and Control of Negro Labor as Determined by the Plantation Regime, published in 1918.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

02.00.10 :