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02.00.08 McClanahan, Biron and Clyde N. Wilson, Forgotten Conservatives in American History, published in 2012.

Notes Concerning the Authors

Dr. Brion McClanahan, a prolific  young historian, holds a PhD from the University of South Carolina and a leader in the Abbeville Institute.  Dr. Clyde N. Wilson is professor of history emeritus of the University of South Carolina, a prolific writer on Southern history, literature and biography and a co-founder of both the Abbeville Institute and the Society of Independent Southern Historians.

Our Review

Two historians present highly original treatment of statesmen and  writers  who are forgotten or misinterpreted in American history.  These  include  Southern  figures  James Jackson, John Taylor, John C. Calhoun, the Bayard family of Delaware, John Tyler, Abel P. Upshur, William Faulkner, Sam Ervin, and M.E. Bradford.  There is also interesting treatment of Northerners who sympathized with the South like Condy Raguet and James Fenimore Cooper,  as well as other Northern conservatives.

Availability of this Book

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