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02.00.02 Fleming, Walter L, and many others, The South in the Building of the Nation: a History of the Southern States Designed to Record the South’s Part in the Making of the American Nation; to Portray the Character and Genius, to Chronicle the Achievements and Progress and to Illustrate the Life and Traditions of the Southern People, presented in 13, Volumes published in 1909-1913 by the Southern Historical Publication Society, Richmond, Virginia.

Notes Concerning the Authors.

Many authors were involved in creating this massive record of Southern history, Walter L. Fleming being, although prominent  in the work, only one of many.


This compendium was a collaboration of some of the leading Southern scholars and writers of the day.  The breakdown of the subjects covered by the 13 volumes is as follows:

  • Volumes 1 through 3: State Histories
  • Volume 4: Politics
  • Volumes 5 and 6: Economics
  • Volume 7: Intellectual Life
  • Volume 8: Literature
  • Volume 9: Oratory
  • Volume 10: Social Life
  • Volumes 11 and 12: Biography
  • Volume 13 Index and Study Guide.

This comprehensive work is a valuable resource in the study of the history and culture of the Southern people in spite of the fact that the writers, operating in the first decade of the 1900’s, were very much under the influence of “the New South” and anxious to demonstrate that the South was American and progressive.  The contributions are uneven but the work contains a vast amount of nearly-forgotten information not easily found elsewhere.

Although a tremendous effort to read, the organization of the subjects and the index and study guide in Volume 13, make this an easily accessed reference work.  The Society recommends the acquisition of these books as digital e-books for use as reference materials to supplement other study.

Availability of these Books.

This series was published in 1909 by the Southern Historical Publication Society, Richmond, Virginia.  The website for these books can be viewed at:

All of the volumes can be viewed on-line as digitized books.  Go to the web-site address above to access digital downloads.  Paper reprints are also available.