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11.03 SOUTHERN LITERATURE, Set Prior to the War Between the States

11.03.01 : Poe, Edgar Allan, many works of Fiction, Essays, Criticism, published 1827-1948.    [Click on the Number to Read the Review]

11.03.02 : Longstreet, August Baldwin, Georgia Scenes, published in 1835.

11.03.03 : Louisa S. McCord: Poems, Drama, Biography, Letters, edited by Richard C. Lounsbury, published in 1996.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

11.03.04 : Miller, Caroline, Lamb in His Bosom, published in 1933.

11.03.05 : Gordon, Carolina Ferguson, Green Centuries, published in 1941.   [The Society Needs a Contributing Member to Volunteer to Write Up a Review of This Book]

11.03.06 : Roberts, Elizabeth Madox, The Great Meadow, published in 1930.

11.03.07 :  Hooper, Johnson Jones, The Adventures of Captain Simon Suggs, published in 1845.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

11.03.08 :  Simms, William Gilmore, Paddy McGann, or The Demon of the Swamp, published in 1863[Click on Number to Read Review]

11.03.09 :  Simms, William Gilmore, Stories and Tales, collected into book form and published in 1974.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

11.03.10 :  Faulkner, William, Go Down, Moses, published in 1940.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

11.03.11 :   Twain, Mark (S. L. Clemens), Life on the Mississippi, published in 1883.  [A review of this novel is needed]

11.03.12 :  Twain, Mark (S. L. Clemens), Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, published in 1884.  [A review of this novel is needed]

11.03.13 :  Harris, George Washington, Sut Lovingood: Yarns Spun by a Nat’ral Born Durn’d Fool, published in 1867.  [Click on number to read review]

11.03.14 :  Tucker, Nathaniel Beverley, The Partisan Leader; A Tale of The Future, published in 1838 and 1839.  [Click on number to read review]


11.03.15 :