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11.11.07 Walker, Gary C., Sam Davis, Boy Hero of the Confederacy, published in recent times

Notes Concerning the Author

Gary C. Walker lives in Wytheville, Virginia.  He is the author of several books concerning the War Between the States.

Author’s Review

This is the life of Sam Davis told against a background of true history Southern history!  Sam was born in Tennessee, but this book encompasses all the theaters of the war.  The middle and west of Tennessee were among the first areas to be conquered by the Federals.  The invaders treated the population like Prisoners-of-War!  The atrocities committed against the Southern people and the deep hatred from both sides is presented in graphic detail!

Sam joined the 1st Tennessee Infantry and bravely fought many battles in several states.  Through family connections he was recruited as a Confederate spy.  The reader will be swept into the world of deception and deceit that is the world of the spy.  Using the most brutal and inhumane tactics Yankee counter spies decimated Sam’s spy cell.

Sam was arrested.  Thus began a tug of war between a despotic and ruthless Federal General and the determined, Christian, soldier, Sam.  The general demanded that Sam give him names.  For those names, the General would spare Sam’s life!  The brave Sam never flinched, nor gave an inch as he faced the stern General down.  With the rope dangling before his eyes, Sam chose death over dishonor!  It’s a story of courage sublime!

It is 450 pages, richly illustrated with 47 photos, 4 maps!

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