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11.11.06 Walker, Gary C. and Breaux, Joe Ann, Confederate Coloring and Learning Book, published in recent times

Notes Concerning the Author

Gary C. Walker lives Wytheville, Virginia.  He is the author of several books concerning the War Between the States

Author’s Review

Though designed for children, adults will appreciate the artwork and ideas!  A great artist has teamed up with me to create this truly unique gift.   Children of all ages enjoy coloring and children of all ages will enjoy learning the true history of our Southland.  The heroes of our Confederacy spring from the Rebel artist’s pen.  On the page opposite, in simplified text, the author gives the artwork almost spiritual life.  By the time your child finishes coloring Generals Lee or Jackson, or President Davis, he will know of the outstanding deeds and characters of the founders of our Southern Nation.  The child will learn that the motives of Southern heroes were pure, their deeds exemplary, and their faith in a living God unshakable.

Measuring the full 8 ½” X 11” there are many hours of fun and much learning packed within the forty-two pages of this very different coloring book.       

Availability of this book

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