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11.11.05 Horn, Stanley F., editor, The Robert E. Lee Reader, published in 1949.

It can be argued that Robert E. Lee was the South’s most gallant son.  He was not only a great soldier; he was a great citizen.  Teddy Roosevelt called him the finest general that “the English-speaking peoples have brought forth.”  But his efforts on the path of peace during the difficult postwar years were equally heroic.  The Robert E. Lee Reader brings together extracts from the scores of biographies and personal reminiscences that bear on the career of this legendary figure.  Much use is made of out of print sources, difficult to find contemporary accounts and sketches in periodicals and newspapers.  From this wealth of material a distinguished historian, Stanley Horn, has created a vibrant portrait of the man and his time, which is especially fitting for the youth of the Southern culture.  As editor, Stanley F. Horn has assembled a fine collection.