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11.09.06 Tindall, George B., Pursuit of Southern History: Presidential Addresses of the Southern Historical Association, 1935-1963, published in 1964

Notes Concerning the Editor

George Brown Tindall  (1921—2006) was a native of South Carolina, prolific and respected historian, and long-time professor at the University of North Carolina.

Our Review

The Southern Historical Association was founded  as  a gathering chiefly  of Southerners teaching and writing Southern history.   The annual presidential address was an occasion for a mature and respected historian to deliver  thoughtful  comments on things Southern.  The collection is  rich in the beliefs and judgments of Southern historians of an earlier time, learned and professionally devoted to impartial history.   The content will make a startling contrast for any reader who is used to the output of the Southern Historical Association after its time, before South-hating and Politically Correct “mainstream” scholars took over.

Availability of this work

This work can be located fairly readily on the used book market.