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11.08.01 : Simms, William Gilmore, Selected Poems of William Gilmore Simms, edited by James Everett Kibler, containing poems written by the author who lived from 1806 to 1870.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

11.08.02 : Simms, William Gilmore, Poetry and the Practical, written in 1851-1854 (get recent publication with introduction by James Everett Kibler.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

11.08.03 : Poe, Edgar Allan, Poetry, published in 1827-1848.  [Click on Number to Read our Review]

11.08.04 :  Davidson, Donald, Collected Poems: 1922-1961, published in 1966.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

11.08.05 :  Warren, Robert Penn, The Collected Poems of Robert Penn Warren, edited by John Burt, published in 1998.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

11.08.06 : Timrod, Henry, Henry Timrod’s Poems, with Memoir and Portrait, published in 1899.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

11.08.07 :  Ryan, Abram Joseph, Father Ryan’s Poems, published in 1879.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

11.08.08Lanier, Sidney Clopton, Poems of Sidney Lanier, published in 1884.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

11.08.09 :  Stuart, Jesse, The Man with a Bull-Tongue Plow, published in 1934. [Review is needed]

11.08.10 :  Kibler, James Everett, Poems from Scorched Earth, published in 2001  [Click on Number to Read Review]

11.08.11 :  Middleton, David, The Poetry of David Middleton, most published individually by LSU Press from 1991 to 2012.  [Click on number to read review] 

11.08.12 :  

11.08.13 :   

The item below, placed by Society co-founder Howard Ray White, does not represent the best in Southern poetry, but it may interest some for it’s representation of the 1920’s work of the more ordinary educated Southerner.

11.08.50:  White, John Andrew, Understanding Granddad Through His Poetry: The Poetry of Tennessean John Andrew White (1874-1951) With story and editing by grandson Howard Ray White, Jr., Published in 2010.  [Click on number to read review]