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11.07.14 March, William, Company K, published in 1933.

Notes Concerning the Author

William March (1893—1954) was from Alabama and was a U.S. Marine combat officer in Europe in World War I.  Company K is a fictionalized memoir of his experiences. 

Our Review

Company K has been described as “one of the most significant works of literature to come out of the American World War I experience” and as a powerful antiwar document.  March pursued a career as a writer after the war and published a number of other works.  Ironically, his most successful book was The Bad Seed, published after his death, which became a horror classic and has twice been adopted by Hollywood..

Availability of this Work

Company K  is available on Kindle and  and in a somewhat expensive hardback.  The book was made into a  critically praised semi-documentary movie in 2013.