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11.07.11 Arnow, Harriette, The Dollmaker, published 1954.

Notes Concerning the Author

Harriette (Simpson) Arnow   (1908—1986) was a native of Kentucky  and the bard of its Appalachian people.  

Our Review

“The Dollmaker” is a Kentucky country woman condemned by economic necessity to  suffer a life  in industrial Detroit in the period before World War II.  The book is  a realistic and moving portrayal of an experience of  many  Southern people  in  the 20th century which has been neglected in literature.   Another Arnow novel on the Kentucky mountain people that is highly regarded is Hunter’s Horn  (1949)

Availability of this Book

The Dollmaker is available on the used book market in both hardback and paperback and on Kindle. 

Other Works by Arnow

See also Arnow’s  Seedtime in the Cumberland  at  04.02.02   and the film version of The Dollmaker  at 22.04.08.