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11.06.04 Roberts, Elizabeth Madox, The Time of Man (1926), Jingling in the Wind (1928, He Sent Forth a Raven (1935), Black is My True Love’s Hair (1938) and Not by Strange Gods (1941).

Notes Concerning Author.

Elizabeth Madox Roberts (1881—1941) of Kentucky was a notable writer of literature of the region she knew best.


More attention is needed to properly present abstracts and not all of these recommended novels are centered in the time period of 1877 to 1913.

The Time of Man, (1926): Roberts portrays the life of the  poorest white Southern farm workers.  The book is lyrical, almost epic, and at times heart-rending.  It is the story of one exceptional woman-Ellen Chesser-and the epic drama of all men’s struggle to live and love honorably, yet with passion.

Jingling in the Wind (1928):  This is a glowing romance of love and joy in the wide open hill country; the story of an unforgettable hero, Jeremy, and, Tulip, the girl who captures his heart.

He Sent Forth a Raven (1935):  This is a powerful novel of a man’s obsession and the women he enslaved.   When the woman he loved died, Stoner Drake’s magnificent world shattered.   That was when he made his strange vow.   This is the story of Stoner Drake’s haunting obsession, of his hold over Martha’s will, and of Jocelle’s fight for freedom from those whose love threatened to smother her.

Black is My True Love’s Hair (1938):  This is the story of an innocent girl’s impassioned love affair.   Dena Janes, a pretty girl from a small Kentucky village, had never known adult passion until she met Langtry-darkly handsome, brutally masculine, and persuasive.   In Langtry’s arms, Dena became a woman, but this did not prepare her for what was to follow.

Not by Strange Gods (1941):  This is a volume of six short stories.

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