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11.04.12 Cornwell, Bernard, The Starbuck Chronicles, 4 vols., published 1993—1996.

Notes Concerning the Author

Bernard Cornwell, born London 1944, is widely considered to be the best writer of historical fiction active today.  He is best known for his series  featuring  the Napoleonic  War hero Richard Sharpe.  Other  popular and best-selling series are set in the time of King Arthur, the Dark Ages, and the Middle Ages.

Our Review

In The Starbuck Chronicles Cornwell  turned his attention to the Southern Confederacy.  There are four volumes so far: Rebel, Copperhead, Battle Flag, and  The Bloody Ground.  The hero is Nathaniel Starbuck, scapegrace son of a Boston abolitionist preacher (who is portrayed with appropriate nastiness) who finds himself among  friends  in the South when the war begins and becomes a fighting Confederate officer.  The novels are somewhat heightened  for  adventure, but generally portray the people, the times, and the Southern army convincingly.  Nowhere have the early big battles of the war been told more tellingly — Cornwell  is well-known to excel at battle accounts.   The series  so far goes only through the battle of Sharpsburg.  In interviews Cornwell, who now lives part of the year in Charleston, South Carolina, has said that he intends to continue the series.   

Availability of These Volumes

All four books are available in new and used paperbacks and on Kindle.