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11.04.11 Nelson, James L., Glory in the Name: A Novel of the Confederate Navy, published in 2004, and Thieves of Mercy: A Novel of the Civil War at Sea, published in 2005.

Notes Concerning the Author

James L. Nelson, born in Maine in 1962, is a prolific author of naval fiction and nonfiction.  

Our Review

Most of Nelson’s  work relates to the era of the American Revolution.   However, he has published two realistic and interesting  novels about  a Confederate navy crew.  Glory in the Name takes place on the Virginia coast early in the war, and in the sequel,  Thieves of Mercy, the crew moves  to an ironclad on the Mississippi River.  Glory in the Name was awarded a prize by the American Library Association in 2004 for excellence in military fiction.

Availability of These Books

Both volumes are available in paperback and on Kindle.