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11.04.06 : Thomason, John W., Lone Star Preacher, published in 1941

Notes Concerning the Author.

John William Thomason, Jr. (1893—1944), was a native of Texas, a career U.S. Marine officer of wide experience, and a talented writer and illustrator.  His illustrated story collections, Fix Bayonets!, 1926, about Marines in World I, and —and a Few Marines, 1943, about Marines on the China station, were extremely popular and enjoyed armed forces editions during World War II.   

Thomason also wrote and illustrated a biography, Jeb Stuart, 1930, and  the novel Gone to Texas, 1937, about Texas during Reconstruction.


Lone Star Preacher is about a Methodist minister from Texas, Praxiteles Swan, who found himself a combat officer in the Texas Brigade of the Army of Northern Virginia.  An additional Captain Swan story, “The Preacher Calls the Dance,” about the Texans’ journey home from Appomattox,  is in  Gordon Carroll, ed.,  The [Saturday Evening] Post Reader of Civil War Stories, 1958. 

Availability of the Book.