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11.03.01 Poe, Edgar Allan, many works of Poetry, Fiction, Essays, Criticism, published 1827-1948.

Notes Concerning the Author.

Edgar Allan Poe was arguably the greatest American  creative writer of the 19th century and retains world-class stature as poet and short story writer.  During his short and troubled life (1809—1849) Poe moved about in search of a living as a writer.  However, he emphatically considered himself to be a Southerner and was so regarded in his time.

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In his essays and criticism he attacked, often with satire, the pretensions of New England to dominate American literature and promoted Southern and other non-New England American writers.  Only a few volumes of poetry and stories were published in book form in Poe’s lifetime and much of his writing was scattered through magazines.   There have been republications and collections and electronic versions.  

A good compendium of the whole is The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe, 17 vols., edited by James A Harrison (New York: 1902).  Another is Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe, 3 vols., edited by Thomas O. Mabbott (Cambridge MA: 1969—1978).

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