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11.02 SOUTHERN LITERATURE, Set in the Revolutionary Era

11.02.01 : Fletcher, Inglis, Historical Novels in the Carolina Series: Toil of the Brave, Queen’s Gift, The Scotswoman, The Wind in the Forest and Rogue’s Harbor, published 1942-1976.

11.02.02 : Kennedy, John P., Horseshoe Robinson, published in 1835 and Swallow Barn, or a Sojourn in the Old Dominion (2 volumes) published in 1832.

11.02.03 : Simms, William Gilmore, His 8 Revolutionary War “Romances,” Joscelyn, The Partisan, Mellichampe, Katherine Walton, The Scout, The Forayers, Eutaw and Woodcraft, published 1935-1867.