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11.01.02 Fletcher, Inglis, Novels of her Carolina Series: Men of Albemarle, Lusty Wind for Carolina, Roanoke Hundred, Bennett’s Welcome, Cormorants Brood and Wicked Lady, published 1942-1976.

Notes Concerning the Author.

Inglis Fletcher (1879—1969) was a native of Illinois who traveled  and lived world-wide with her husband, a mining engineer.  During a visit to her maternal grandparents in Edenton, North Carolina, she conceived the idea of writing about the neglected colonial and Revolutionary history of North Carolina, especially the Albemarle Sound region.  The result was 12 books, published between 1942 and 1976, which are not only good reads but as rich a picture of life, events, and important people in the period as exists for any state. 


About half of the books in Inglis Fletcher’s Carolina Series are set in the Colonial period and half in the Revolutionary period.  The 12 books in the series, covering both periods are: Raleigh’s Eden, Men of Albemarle, Lusty Wind for Carolina, Toil of the Brave, Roanoke Hundred, Bennett’s Welcome, Queen’s Gift, The Scotswoman, The Wind in the Forest, Cormorants Brood, Wicked Lady, and Rogue’s Harbor.

Availability of these Books.

Reprints of these books are readily available.  Suggest Amazon.