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11.00.01 Hubbell, Jay B., The South in American Literature, 1607—1900, published in 1954 by Duke University Press

Notes Concerning the Author

Jay Broadus Hubbell, (1885-1979) was born in Smyth County, Virginia.  His undergraduate education was at Richmond College.  He received his Master’s degree from Harvard University and his Ph. D. from Columbia.  He worked as a professor of English at Duke University for many years afterward, retiring in 1954 at the age of 69.  His epic survey of The South in American Literature, 1607-1900, was published by the Duke University Press in that year and has been reprinted several times.

Of their former noted professor, Duke University says, “Dr. Hubbell was also the founding editor of American Literature.   Making its debut in 1929, it  was the first journal dedicated to what was then a new field of study.  Dr. Hubbell served as board  chairman until 1954.  A leader in many of the organizations dedicated to developing American  literature as a discipline, Hubbell played a crucial role in establishing American literary studies in  the United States.”

Duke University further states, ” The Jay B. Hubbell Center functions as a collecting center within the Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library at Duke University.  The library welcomes scholars and students to make use of the Center’s holdings in the Special Collections research room.”


Jay B. Hubbell’s survey of American Literature, from 1607 to 1900, comprised of approximately 1,000 pages, is a learned and comprehensive presentation of an important subject that has received far too little attention.  Here is your window into the life and culture of the people of the southern colonies and the southern States through the eyes of her literary talent.  This book is rich in material on neglected and improperly under-rated Southern writers over the span of three centuries.

Availability of the Book

This book is available as a used hardbound or paperback book.  Suggest Amazon or a similar outlet.  There is no e-book.  The Duke University Library can be considered a resource for serious scholars researching the literature of the southern colonies and the southern States.