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10.19.02 Wilson, Clyde N., Defending Dixie, Essays in Southern History and Culture, published in 2006.

Notes Concerning the Author

Clyde N. Wilson (1941 – ___) is a native Tar Heel and is now retired form his long-time post of professor of history at the University of South Carolina.  He is best known for his editing and publication of a 28 volume edition of The Papers of John C. Calhoun and his book, The Essential Calhoun (see review at 02.06.15).  Other books by Wilson include, Carolina Cavalier, Why the South Will Survive and From Union to Empire, Essays in the Jeffersonian Tradition (see review at 10.19.01).  He has received the Bostick Prize for contributions to South Carolina literature.  Among his many present contributions to telling the story of South history and culture, is his leadership in The Society of Independent Southern Historians as it’s Director of Historical Review.


Defending Dixie was published in 2006, three years after the earlier collection of Wilson essays, published under the title, From Union to Empire, Essays in the Jeffersonian Tradition.  And the latter collection can be considered a continuation of the first.  Defending Dixie consists of 370 pages and 88 compact essays organized under 9 chapter headings.  You are assured of great variety, and might well choose a chapter whose title interests you and dwell there for a while.  In his introduction, Thomas H. Landess wrote:

“This volume, a sequel, provides Wilson’s growing readership with more of his observations on an astonishing variety of subjects: historiography, political philosophy, literature, art, and popular culture, to name but five.  All of these concerns are worried over by a mind as precise and expansive as an encyclopedia.  Many of the selections — some lengthy, some no more than a few paragraphs — are reviews of books that are less important than what Wilson has to say about them and the issues they raise.”

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