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10.15.06 Smith, Oran P., ed., So Good a Cause: A Decade of the Southern Partisan, published 1993.

Our Review

This collection includes thirty articles and reviews from the best years of the now vanished Southern Partisan.  Among its numerous treasures:  “The Theology of Secession,” b y M.E Bradford;   Mark R. Winchell on Herman Talmadge;  J.O. Tate  on the trashing of Bedford Forrest;   “Why the Yankees Won’t (and Can’t) Leave the South Alone” by Forrest McDonald;  two talks by Richard Weaver; and two superb essays by Ludwell H. Johnson:  “The Plundering Generation” on Northern economic motives for conquest of the South” and  “The Mythmanagement of History,”  a devastating critique of the notorious Ken Burns PBS series “The Civil War.”

Availability of this book

This book may be found as a used hardcover edition.