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10.15 : Southern Political Philosophy Irrespective of the Era.

10.15.01 :

10.15.02Warren, Robert Penn, The Legacy of the Civil War and the Meaning of Pragmatism, published in 1961[Click on Number to Read Review]

10.15.03Weaver, Richard M., The Southern Essays of Richard M. Weaver, G. M. Curtis III and J. J. Thompson, Jr., editors, published in 1987. [Click on Number to Read Review]

10.15.04DeRosa, Marshall L., The Ninth Amendment and the Politics of Creative Jurisprudence: Disparaging the Fundamental Right of Popular Control, published in  1995. [We are awaiting a review of this item]

10.15.05Bradford, M. E., A Better Guide Than Reason: Federalists and Anti-Federalists, published in 1994.  [We are awaiting a review of this item]

10.15.06Smith, Oran P., So Good a Cause: A Decade of the Southern Partisan, published in 1993.  [Click on number to read review]

10.15.07Wood, Walter K., Nullification, a Constitutional History, 1776-1883, published in 2008.  [A review of this item is needed]

10.15.08 :

10.15.09 :

10.15.10 :