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10.07.01 Luraghi, Raimondo, The Rise and Fall of the Plantation South, published in 1978.

Notes Concerning the Author:

Raimondo Luraghi’s The Rise and Fall of the Plantation Southwas published in 1978.   Luraghi (1921-2012), professor of history at the University of Genoa and head of the Italian Institute of Military History, is a leading European historian of the American War between the States. 


Lurgahi’s works, not all of which have been translated, are based on extensive and  innovative research and often present original interpretations.  In this book he marshals evidence to establish that honor was indeed a major determinant of behavior in the antebellum and wartime South, an idea often derided.  See also his definitive history of the Confederate Navy at 02.06.09.

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