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09.13.01 Swanson, Kevin, Apostate: The Men Who Destroyed the Christian West, published in 2013.

The Author

Kevin Swanson lives on the far western frontier of the Christian West. He is the product of a multi-generational heritage of faithful Christians that date back many centuries in America and Europe. He and his wife Brenda are raising another generation of five Christians during the decline and fall of Western civilization. Kevin Swanson is also a pastor of an historical Christian church in Castle Rock, Colorado. He hosts a daily radio program heard in 100 countries around the world called “Generations.”

He is author of many books including, “Apostate” and “The Second Mayflower: How Christian Ethics Can Restore Our Freedom.” He also appears in the DVD video “Act Like Men: A Titanic Lesson in Manliness.”

Our Review

Whatever happened to Western civilization? Somehow, Christians have lost ground in every cultural area of leadership and influence in Europe and America since 1700. This is an indubitable fact. The remaining Christians search for an explanation. They want to know how it happened. This is the story of the decline and fall of Western civilization. It is the story of uncommonly powerful men, unfathomably evil men. . . apostates. Reader beware! This book faces head-on the spiritual forces that leveled a full-out attack on the Christian faith in the Western world. On the one hand, it is a story of demonic possession, insanity, suicide, mass-murder, adultery, homosexuality, cultural and social revolutions, and unbridled, maniacal apostasy. It is the story of apostasy on a massive scale. But this 310 page book is also a story of hope and victory for the last men standing in the ashes of Western civilization. It will be a testimony to the inevitable triumph of Jesus Christ over the great men of renown who picked the wrong fight in the history of the West.

Man turns within himself, seeking to fill the “God-shaped” vacuum. However he is always disappointed with the results. In the end, he is more hopeless and suicidal than the pagan who still seeks some kind of god outside of himself. Thus pure, undiluted humanism cannot last for long. Either societies must awaken to the true faith or sink into the chaos of paganism. After five or six generations of apostasy, humanist societies turn to deconstructed language, pluralism, relativism, polytheism, and competing truth systems.

Here in the Southern States of America we see the remnant of what was once a faithful society.  So, from our vantage point we look out across the world and wonder what has happened to the others.

Of special note to students of the history of the Southern people is a quotation in Swanson’s book  from a sermon of Pastor B. M. Palmer one week before his State seceded from the Union:

“Last of all, in this great struggle, we defend the cause of God and religion. The abolition spirit is undeniably atheistic. The demon which erected its throne upon the guillotine in the days of Robespierre . . . which abolished the Sabbath and worshipped reason in the person of a harlot, yet survives to work other horrors . . . Among a people so generally religious as the American, a disguise must be worn; but it is the same old threadbare disguise of the advocacy of human rights . . . the decree has gone forth which strikes at God by striking at all subordination and law. The spirit of atheism, which knows no God who tolerates evil, no Bible which sanctions law, and no conscience that can be bound by oaths and covenants, has selected us for its victims . . . To the South the high position is assigned of defending, before all nations, the cause of all religion and of all truth. In this trust, we are resisting the power which wars against constitutions and laws and compacts, against Sabbaths and sanctuaries, against the family, the State and the Church; which blasphemously invades the prerogatives of God, and rebukes the Most High for the errors of his administration; which, if it cannot snatch the reign of empire from His grasp, will lay the universe in ruins at His feet.”

Availability of this book

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