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08.15.03 Fleming, Thomas, “Southern Schooling and the Ancient Wisdom,” a chapter in Why the South Will Survive, by Fifteen Southerners . . . published in 1981

This essay by Thomas Fleming is one of fifteen chapters in the 1981 book titled, Why The South Will Survive . . .,  in which fifteen Southerners look at their region 50 years after the publication of I’ll Take My Stand.  In fact, the book is designed to be an update of Southern philosophy in several fields, an update from the situation presented in the 1930 I’ll Take My Stand

There is much in the book itself which speaks to Southern history and culture after 1940, which is not the concern of the Society.  However, with that said, we feel that Fleming’s treatment of the “Ancient Wisdom” in the field of “Southern Schooling” is suitable for listing here in spite of the fact that it is also involved with life after 1940. 

The introduction by Clyde N. Wilson, presently the Society’s Director of Historical Review, is also worthy of your time.