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08.02.01 Simms, William Gilmore, The Golden Christmas: A Tale of Lowcountry Life, published in 1852

Notes Concerning Author

William Gilmore Simms (1806-1870) of South Carolina was a poet, novelist and historian from the American South. His writings achieved great prominence during the 19th century, with Edgar Allan Poe pronouncing him the best novelist America had ever produced.  The Society of Independent Southern Historians hold Simms in the highest regards.

Our Review

This charming work is something of a change of pace for Simms, master of historical and adventure tales.  It portrays the pleasures of courtship, friendship, kinship, and joyful traditional Christmas celebration in Charleston and the surrounding area.

Availability of this book

We suggest Amazon.  Reprints are available.  There is a 2013 reprint edition with an introduction by David Aiken.