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07.15.13 : The Genesis of Lincoln, by James Harrison Cathy (born in 1866), published in 1899.

About the Author
     James Cathey was the first to thoroughly investigate the traditional western North Carolina folk history of Abraham Lincoln (the future President) being fathered by tall, long-legged Abraham Enloe of far-western North Carolina .  The mother was Nancy Hanks, an illegitimate servant girl who had been a part of the large and noteworthy Enloe family for many years.  Cathey uncovers the truth of Abe’s birth.  So many of Lincoln’s contemporaries could not understand how a man of Abraham Lincoln’s exceptional mental ability and exceptional very tall, long-legged physical shape could have been conceived by quite ordinary and in no way exceptional parents as he had claimed to have been.  Cathey figured it out.  
     There is no documented evidence of Lincoln’s birth or the marriage of Nancy and Thomas Lincoln.  Those claiming Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 is based on a Bible record Abe penned into a Bible himself a year or so after Thomas Lincoln died.  There is no proof of either birth story.  In my opinion, Cathey’s investigation points to the most likely proof of Lincoln’s biological origin.  He was conceived and born in North Carolina in the summer of 1804 and brought to Kentucky by his mother, Nancy Hanks.  Little Abe was two years old when Nancy Hanks married Thomas Lincoln in Kentucky.
     This is the primary book documenting the Lincoln-Enloe parent-son relation.
Availability of this book
You will need to find a reprint.  Suggest you go to Amazon.  You will find new and used.  You can also drive to Bostic, North Carolina and visit the museum established there, which is dedicated to the probability that Abraham Lincoln was born very near that spot.