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07.07 IMPORTANT BIOGRAPHIES, Commercial, Technical, Scientific and Economic Leaders

07.07.01 : The Autobiography of Joseph LeConte, by Joseph LeConte.

07.07.02 : Robert Mills, biographies by John Bryan, titled Robert Mills: America’s First Architect, published in 2001 and Rhodri W. Liscombe, titled Altogether American: Robert Mills, Architect and Engineer, 1781-1855, published in 1994.  [A review of these is needed]

07.07.03 :  John Allan Wyeth, Autobiography, titled, With Sabre and Scalpel: The Autobiography of a Soldier and Surgeon, published in 1914.  [Click on number to read review]

07.07.04Bachman, C. L. John Bachman, the Pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Charleston. Published in 1888.  [Click on number to read review]