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07.04.06 Berkeley, Edmund and Berkeley, Dorothy Smith, Doctor Alexander Garden of Charles Town, published in 1969.

Notes Concerning the Authors

Edmund and Dorothy Smith Berkeley were prolific writers and editors.

Our Review

Alexander Garden (1730 – 1791) was a Scottish physician, botanist and zoologist.  The gardenia flower is named after him.  He lived for many years in Charles Town, the renamed Charleston, South Carolina where he used his spare time to study plants and living creatures, and sending specimens to London and Sweden.  Born in Aberdeenshire, the son of a minister, he studied medicine at Marischal College, there discovering an interest in natural history.  After two years a a surgeon’s assistant in the navy, he engaged in medical studies at the University of Edinburgh, where he also worked with Charles Alston, the King’s Botanist at Garden at Holyrood.

An opportunity came to practice medicine in South Carolina, where, a distant relative, Reverend Alexander Garden had gone to minister to a congregation in Charles Town.  

Garden was partner in a busy medical practice but still found time for his greatest enthusiasm, natural history.   He was a member of several learned societies, and was elected to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of London (1773) and a founder Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (1783).  His investigations and writings were extensive.

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