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07.03.05 Wyeth, John Allan, The Life of General Nathan Bedford Forest, first published in 1899, reissued in 1908, finally going out of print in 1924, republished in 1959 as That Devil Forest: The Life of General Nathan Bedford Forest.

Notes Concerning the Author:

John Allan Wythe (1845-1922) was born in Missionary Station, Alabama and lived near the southern loop of the Tennessee River.  His father was Judge Louis Wyeth.  As a young Confederate cavalryman, Wyeth road with Morgan and Wheeler and was captured and imprisoned in Indiana for 16 months.  After the war he pursued his education, which he completed at New York’s Bellevue Medical School.  From that point he became “one of the most prominent surgeons of the country [and] president of the American Medical Association.  With Sabre and Scalpel is the biography of this remarkable man.


The Society needs a review of this book, the best biography of Nathan Bedford Forest.

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