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07.03.02 Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company, a biography by Andrew Nelson Lytle, published in 1931.

Although the Society has, among its recommendations, another biography of Nathan Bedford Forrest, we view this 1931 work of slightly over 400 pages by Andrew Nelson Lytle as the best because it is a classic by a great Southern writer.  In our view Lytle presents the spirit of Forrest as the epic hero of the South.

In terms of his impact on modern warfare, no general of the Civil War had more than Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest.  Not Grant, not Lee, not Longstreet or Sherman.  This is the man.  No less a general than Erwin Rommel studied Forrest’s tactics and implemented them with modern weaponry when his Afrika Korps marched all over Libya and Egypt in World War II.

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The original publication of this book is rare and expensive.  But paperback reprints are available at modest prices.  We suggest Amazon.