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07.01.31 Rebirthing Lincoln, A Biography. By Howard Ray White Published in 2021

Rebirthing Lincoln is an interesting and original genealogical study of Abraham Lincoln and his true origins.  Mr. White gives compelling evidence that Lincoln was the illegitimate son of Abraham Enloe, of North Carolina, and Nancy Hanks.  His father made arrangements for the care of Nancy and little Abe by finding Thomas Lincoln, of Kentucky, to marry Nancy and take Abe as his stepson.  In later years, the author of this work shows how Lincoln contrived his legitimacy by changing his birthdate, and how he took pains to avoid having the true facts known, which would damage his political ambitions.
The latter part of the book is a brief outline of Lincoln’s well known political career, his rise to the Presidency, and his waging war against the Confederacy.  But, throughout it all, Howard Ray Whites pictures the specter of the past haunting Abraham Lincoln.
Mr. White has given the reader a compelling and unique study of Lincoln, not to be missed by anyone interested in a true history of the times.