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07.01.29 Walter Clark, Fighting Judge, a biography by Aubrey Lee Brooks, published in 1944

Notes Concerning the Author

Brooks was a North Carolina author and philanthropist.

Our Review

Walter McKenzie Clark (1846-1924) entered the Confederate army at the age of fourteen and saw combat in several major actions.  He subsequently   became  Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, on which he served for 25 years.  Clark was a  prolific  and nationally  recognized  author of legal treatises, history, and commentary on public affairs.  He was an eloquent advocate of progressive measures for the Southern states.  His biography sheds light on the political and intellectual history of the Old South as it developed into the New South.   See also The Papers of Walter Clark, edited by Aubrey Lee Brooks and Hugh T. Lefler, 2 vols.

Availability of this Book

This out-of-print biography is available as a moderately expensive used hardback.  Click below to view Amazon offerings: