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07.01.22 Rutledge, John, biography by Richard H. Barry titled, Mr. Rutledge of South Carolina, published in 1941 by Duell, Sloan and Pearce

Notes Concerning the Author

A Society member needs to write a few notes concerning Richard H. Barry.


Richard Barry tells the story of John Rutledge of Charles Town, South Carolina, who along with Early Americans George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton, helped to create the American Republic. Rutledge, at the onset of the American Revolution, was the first President of the first Republic in America — the Republic of South Carolina.  During the Southern states military campaign by British forces, Rutledge proved to be a military genius as he outwitted Cornwallis.  After victory in the Revolution War, Rutledge’s legal mind came to the forefront, as he was made dictator of South Carolina by legislative act.  He later became instrumental in the making of the Constitution of the United States.  As Barry writes of John Rutledge, he also writes of a young South Carolina and a young Nation.

Availability of this Book

The original 1942 edition is expensive and hard to find.  We suggest Amazon for a paperback reprint.