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07.01.16 Zeb Vance: Champion of Personal Freedom, a biography by Glenn Tucker, published in 1965.

Notes about the Author

Glenn Tucker (1893-1976) moved to Flat Rock, in western North Carolina, in 1948 after a notable 30-year career in newspapers and advertising in New York, Washington and Philadelphia.  After leaving the newspaper and advertising world Tucker immersed himself in writing many notable histories.  It was 18 years after giving up the big city for the North Carolina mountains that Glenn Tucker completed his excellent biography of Zebulon Vance.


Zebulon Baird Vance (1830 – 1894) was a Confederate military officer in the War Between the States and, from September 1862 to May 1865, Governor of Confederate North Carolina.  Following Political Reconstruction by the Republican-controlled Federal Government, Vance was elected to the Office of Reconstructed North Carolina as a Democrat and served from January 1877 to February 1879.  From that office he represented North Carolina as a Democrat in the Federal Senate, from March 1879 until his death in April 1894.

The Society considers Vance to have been the foremost leader of North Carolina in the 19th century and considers the biography by Glenn Tucker to be the best of those written.

Availability of the Book

Glenn Tucker’s biography of Zeb Vance is available as a used hardbound book at an affordable price through Amazon and other used book sellers.   There is no Kindle e-book edition at this time.  Other biographies are available by other authors, but we encourage you to seek Tucker’s work.