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07.01.08 John C. Calhoun: American Portrait, by Margaret L. Coit (Elwell), published in 1950.


Margaret  (Coit)  Elwell (1919—2003) was  a journalist, historian, and teacher who had personal connections to both Massachusetts and North Carolina.  Her well-researched, highly readable,  and sympathetic  life of Calhoun won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography for 1951 and is a model of high quality work by an “amateur” historian.  The book was republished several times,  most recently by the University of South Carolina Press with an introduction by Clyde N. Wilson. 

Coit was the author of a number of other books, most notably a biography of the Southern-born Bernard Baruch:  Mr. Baruch (1957). 

See also our overall review of the writings of John C. Calhoun at 20.00.03.

Availability of this Book

Originally published in 1950, this book has been reprinted in 1961 and 1991.  Should be able to get a used copy through Amazon or other used book resource.