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07.01.01 Davis, Jefferson, a Biography by Hudson Strode, in 3 Volumes

07.01.01 Davis, Jefferson, by Hudson Strode, in 3 Volumes.

Volume 1:  Jefferson Davis, American Patriot, 1808 -1861, “A Biography of the Years Before the Great Conflict”, 460 pages with index, hardback print book, published in 1955, Harcourt, Brace and Company, New York.

Volume 2:  Jefferson Davis, Confederate President, 556 pages with index, hardback print book, published in 1959, Harcourt, Brace and Company, New York.

Volume 3:  Jefferson Davis, Tragic Hero, 1864 – 1889, “The Last Twenty-five Years”, 556 pages with index, hardback back print book, published in 1964, Harcourt, Brace and Company, New York.

Notes Concerning the Author:

Hudson Strode (1892-1976) was professor of English at the University of Alabama “where he lectured for many years on Shakespeare and conducted his famous class in creative writing.  He is also known for his authoritative interpretations of foreign countries,” including Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Cuba and Bermuda.


 If you love to read biography written in a comprehensive and sensitive style by a writer of immense skill in his writing craft, dedicated to thorough understanding of his subject, then look no further than this 3-volume series by Alabama ‘s Hudson Strode.  It is simply the best.  By living alongside Davis, from the young lad to the old man you will experience the epic sweep of our nation’s history from the early 1800’s to 1889.  Wow!  Such an opportunity is seldom available to a student of history and of people during those crucial years of our nation’s westward expansion, our War Against Mexico, our troubles of Political Sectionalism, State Secession and the horrific War Between the States, and the Struggle for Healing that followed the Federal Conquest of the Confederate States of America, of whom he was its only President.  Live alongside Davis as a young West Point graduate, as a cotton farmer, as a Federal Senator and Secretary of War, as President of the Confederacy, as the Federal’s most important, most suffering prisoner at Fortress Monroe, as a witness to the Political Reconstruction that followed and, finally as a key historian of those four years when he was the political leader of the military defense of the seceded States (his two-volume history, “Rise and Fall”).  Also, experience the support of one of America’s most capable and influential women, his amazing wife,Varina Howell Davis.

Availability of this Book

As of 2013, this book is not yet available as a reprint paper book or as an e-book.  Go to Amazon and similar used book dealers.  The Society hopes to encourage publication as a reprint and as an e-book.  Will advise.

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