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06.01.08 Savage, Henry Jr. and Elizabeth J. Savage (1986). André and François André Michaux, published in 1986 by the University Press of Virginia.

Our Review

André Michaux, also spelled: Andrew Michaud, (8 March 1746 – 11 October 1802) was a French botanist and explorer.  He is most noted for his study of North American flora. In addition Michaux collected specimens in England, Spain, France, and even Persia. His work was part of a larger European effort to gather knowledge about the natural world. Michaux’s contributions included Histoire des chênes de l’Amérique (1801; “The Oaks of North America”) and Flora Boreali-Americana (1803; “The Flora of North America”) which continued to be botanical references well into the 19th century. His son, Francois Andre Michaux, also became an authoritative botanist.

This presentation of Michaux by Henry and Elizabeth Savage is recommended for it revelation about the early botany of the southern States and of southern gardens.

Recommended by JEK.  Review copied from internet.