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05.15.01 Kizer, Gene, Jr., Slavery Was Not the Cause of the War Between the States: The Irrefutable Argument, published in 2014

Notes Concerning the Author

Gene Kizer, Jr. is an honors graduate from the College of Charleston with a major in history.  A real estate agent by day and an historian and writer by night, Gene is also author of The Elements of Academic Success, How to Graduate Magna Cum Laude from College (or how to just graduate, PERIOD!) and South Carolina Short Stories, Book One.  He lives on James Island in Charleston, South Carolina.  He is a member of the Society.

Our Review

We of the South, in fact we with a passion for truthful history and an aversion to embracing non-sense, are delighted to have Gene’s new book as a handy basis for making truthfulness of the crazy, simple-minded, so-called answer to the ill-constructed question: “Tell me, what was the Civil War about, anyway?”   The only correct answer to that question in history class at school is “Slavery.”  End of story?  Not really!  

It is nonsense to embrace the notion that 360,000 Federal soldiers and sailors heroically suffered death on a purposeful crusade to free African American slaves in subjugated Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri, followed by the four-year-long, horrific invasion and conquest of  the Confederate States of America.  Gene Kizer’s book of 326 pages provides structured answers to the question, complete with all of the documented source materials anyone would want when considering further study.  And he encourages further study by providing a final chapter of 28 pages titled, “Additional Resources for the Study of Southern History and Literature.”

In his introduction, Kizer states, “The purpose of this book is historical truth.  The War Between the States is the central event in American history and, by far, our bloodiest war.  It is important to know exactly what sparked it and why.  Interpreting  the past truthfully and accurately is a debt we owe to the people of the past , and to the future.”  Amen!

Availability of this Book

A brand new paperback book.  See offering on Amazon: