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05.10.01 Traywick, H. V. Jr., Empire of the Owls: Reflections on the North’s War against Southern Secession, published in 2013.

Notes Concerning the Author

Author graduated from VMI, receiving a Regular Commission in the Army Corps of Engineers in 1967. His service included command of an Engineer Company in Vietnam in 1969-70, where he was awarded the Bronze Star. Upon his return to civilian life, he made a career as a tugboat captain, and later earned a Master of Liberal Arts degree from the University of Richmond, with an international focus on war and cultural revolution.

Our Review

In the middle of the nineteenth century steam power replaced muscle power as the prime mover of civilization and the Industrial Revolution roared across the world, overwhelming and sweeping away Traditional cultures before it. A new World-Cycle, the Machine Age, was born. But in the Southern United States, men took up arms against the imperatives of the machine, and their Lost Cause marked the end of the Age of Agriculture, the age that had given birth to all of the civilizations of the ancient world. By the editing of contemporary diaries, letters, essays, newspaper editorials, memoirs, histories and official records, and threading them into a seamless narrative form, this work carries us back to Old Virginia and the Old South, and sings to us the Confederate Epic in the voices of those who lived it. From John Brown’s Raid, through the War and Reconstruction, it speaks Truth to Power, and challenges some long-cherished American Myths.

Availability of the Book

Copies signed by the author are available from the publisher at   Also available in softcover and e-book from and Barnes & Noble.