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05.09.02 Clark, Walter, editor, Histories of the Several Regiments ad Battalions from North Carolina, in the Great War of 1861-1865, in 5 Volumes, Published in 1901

Notes Concerning the Author

Walter Clark (1846—1924) served  actively  in the Confederate army from the age of 14.  He subsequently became the beloved and progressive Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court and a prolific writer and orator of Confederate remembrance.  

Our Review

This unique work, sponsored by the state of North Carolina, contains histories of every Confederate formation from North Carolina (about 80) by members of the organization.

Availability of these Volumes

This work is available online in several locations.  To view volume 3 on Internet Archive, click below:

To view a reprint of a volume available on Amazon, click below: 

To view the originial hardbound set of 5 volumes at Amazon, click below: