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05.05.22 Roland, Charles P, History Teaches Us to Hope: Reflections on the Civil War and Southern History, Published in 2007

Notes Concerning the Author

Charles Pierce Roland was born in Tennessee in 1918. He is a decorated combat veteran of World War II, was for many years professor of history at the University of Kentucky, and has been called “one of
America’s most respected and distinguished historians of the Civil War and the American South.”

Our Review

History Teaches . . . is a collection of articles and speeches which ranges over Southern history, but concentrates most importantly on the War between the States, and in particular recent historians’ attacks on Robert E. Lee.  Roland’s
work is truly that of a master historian‐‐‐balanced, sensible, profound, and broad in scope and

Readers might also be interested in his The Confederacy, published in 1960.

Availability of this Book

History Teaches . . . can be obtained at Amazon:

The Confederacy can also be obtained at Amazon:

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