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05.05.18 Chodes, John, Horatio Seymour, New York’s Governor, Attacks Abe Lincoln’s War, published in 2011.

Horatio Seymour (1810–1886) was governor of New York during part of the War Between the States.  And there was strong opposition to the War in his State and especially in the metropolitan area around New York City, where major draft riots were a big problem for the Lincoln Administration.  Following the defeat of the Confederacy, Seymour, as the 1868 Democratic candidate for president, made a strong showing against the Republican candidate, U.S. Grant, but lost.  

Overall, Seymour inflexibly opposed and denounced Lincoln’s war against fellow Americans in the South. 

John Chodes (1939-    ) is a New York dramatist and historian and is expert on Northern opposition in the war.  In this book of 206 pages the author quotes liberally from Seymour’s eloquent speeches, revealing a largely unknown aspect of the war.  

This book is available as a print book and as a Kindle e-book.  We suggest Amazon.