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05.05.11 Cisco, Walter Brian, War Crimes Against Southern Civilians, published in 2007.

The most hideous war crime in the history of North America was Lincoln’s invasion of the South.  Walter Brian Cisco has brought us the first book length work on a subject that has been covered up for generations.  This book dispels the myth that Lincoln and the Union Army were acting as liberators.  One could almost make the point that Lincoln’s soldiers were role models for Hitler’s Waffen SS.  This is a sad tale of the darkest and most shameful pages in American history. 

The late Shelby Foote said , “You can’t understand American history without understanding the Civil War.”  I would add that you can’t understand the Civil War without understanding the crimes of the invader.

The next time someone asks you “Why are you people still fighting the Civil War?”  Hand them a copy of Mr. Cisco’s book.

Availability of this Book

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