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05.01.01 Hibbert, Christopher, Redcoats and Rebels, The American Revolution through British Eyes, published in 1990.

05.01.01 Hibbert, Christopher, Redcoats and Rebels, The American Revolution through British Eyes, published in 1990.

Notes Concerning the Author:

Christopher Hibbert (1924-2008) was the author of 41 books on history and biography and considered by the British to be “probably the most widely-read popular historian of our time and undoubtedly one of the most prolific” (The Times, London).  After college he served as an infantry officer in the London Irish Rifles, fighting in Italy in World War II.  He began his writing career in 1957.  He was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and the Royal Geographical Society, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Literature by the University of Leicester.  He was a master of well researched, truthful history skillfully written in a readable narrative style.


How can people of the Southern culture living today acquire a factually complete and unbiased history of the American Revolution?  Frankly, it is very difficult.  We are led to believe that the passion for Independence was centered in Boston, Massachusetts and driven by a fuss over taxes on document stamps and a few selected imported items and over the high price of tea leaves imported from India.  Little mention is made of the King’s Proclamation of 1863, which prohibited settlement beyond the Eastern Continental Divide.  You see, the fundamental passion for Independence was not about the price of tea, but about acquiring the power to control westward expansion into the land of the westward flowing waters (Ohio, Tennessee, etc.).

How can people of the Southern culture understand that the fight to Defend their Declared Independence (the Revolutionary War) was won in the southern States of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia, during the time that the British firmly controlled the region around New York City and all northern States hope of dislodging them had passed?

It is through “British Eyes” that we can learn the true story and understand the pivotal contribution to victory won by patriots of the Southern States.  Furthermore, through Christopher Hibbert’s very readable book of 375 pages we can understand the political situation in Great Britain and Parliament and gain a better understanding of the difficulties that nation was facing as political leaders debated what was to be done about their former North American Colonies.

Availability of this Book

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