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03.46.01 The Old Soldiers and Settlers of Johnson County [Texas]: their story as told in contemporary newspaper accounts, Volume 1, Old Soldiers, Paul B. Martin, editor.

Notes Concerning Editor

Paul B. Martin is an active member of the SCV and well read on history of his region and of the War Between the States.  He has compiled over one hundred newspaper clippings and other documents that help tell the story of Johnson County, Texas, his home county.

Our Review

This is a hardbound book, 8-1/2 by 11 inches, which is primarily intended for library use.  A person interested in Johnson County Texas (not far south of Fort Worth) should consider accessing this record, for it is handy in that so much is in one place.  Lots of clippings and documents concerning the Confederate Veterans and the Sons of Confederate Veterans and early times in this Texas county.

Availability of this Book

Suggest you write Paul B. Martin, P. O. Box 202501, Arlington, Texas 76006.