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03.33.01 McKean, Brenda Chambers, Blood and War at My Doorstep: North Carolina Civilians in the War Between the States, two volumes, published in 2011-2013.

Notes Concerning the Author

Brenda Chambers McKean is a retired anesthetist who lives in North Carolina and has put her passion for history to a useful purpose by researching and self-publishing two volumes of original source documents from the era of the War Between the States all across her state of North Carolina.  She is a good example of a non-academic who has done fine work down in the trenches.  Volume 1 was awarded the Willie Parker Peace History Book award for 2013.


Quoting from a book review by Clint Johnson, we read:

“This book is for all those readers who like to read original source material like diaries and letters and accompanying source material like newspaper articles published during the war. . . .  [These two volumes are] born of decades of research conducted when McKean had the time to track down resources.

“Blood and War, Volume I, is a huge, self-published work of more than 500 pages or original copy with end-notes, bibliography and index taking up nearly 100 pages. . . .  

“Volume II [consists] of mostly unpublished soldiers’ letters, blockade-running, combative women, Sherman’s March, black Confederate soldiers, the end of the war, and parolees.  

“[These books are] well worth the cost if you like to read the original words of the people who lived through this critical time.”

Furthermore, these books are a fine addition to the library of anyone who treasures ready access to the records organized within it.  The Kindle version takes no bookshelf space, too.

Availability of these Two Volumes

We suggest Brenda Chambers McKean’s web-site for the print versions and for the Kindle e-book versions.