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03.16.03 Webb, Walter Prescott, The Great Plains, published in 1931 by Houghton Mifflin

Notes Concerning the Author

Walter Prescott Webb (1888-1963) was a leading Texas historian and author noted for his groundbreaking historical work on the American West.  The Great Plains, published in 1931,  was “hailed as a great breakthrough in the interpretation of the history of the region, and, in 1939, was declared the outstanding contribution to American history since World War I by the Social Science Research Council.  Webb was awarded his Ph.D. for his work on The Great Plains in 1932, the year after its publication.


A leading Texas historian, Walter Prescott Webb describes the westward-moving Southerners’ encounter with the harsh conditions of a new environment.

Availability of this book

The Great Plains is very expensive if you insist on the rare hardbound first edition.  But the work has been reprinted many times, especially as a paperback, so getting an inexpensive copy will be no problem.  Suggest you seek your copy at Amazon or similar outlet.  There is no Kindle e-book version of this work.

More to Information to Come

This is a preliminary posting.  A more extensive review is forthcoming.