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03.12.03 Parrish, William E., Turbulent Partnership, Missouri and the Union, 1861-1865, published in 1963.

Notes Concerning the Author

William E. Parrish is Professor Emeritus of History at the Mississippi State University, having retired in 1996, yet continuing to write and be published.  His history of Missouri during the era of the War Between the States is one of his earliest works, being published 1963.  Overall his history writing efforts have often focused on Missouri and he is considered an expert in that field.

Our Review

Understanding events in Missouri from 1861 to 1865 is very important for any serious study of the Lincoln Administration  and the War Between the States.  Of the few excellent histories of Missouri during these years, William E. Parrish has produced the best.  It’s 242 pages are factual, clearly written in a narrative style and fully satisfactory for serious study.

Availability of this Work

We suggest you look for a used copy at and expect to pay a considerable amount.  Let us know if you find a reprint or an e-book version.