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03.12.02 Snead, Thomas Lowndes, The Fight for Missouri, From the Election of Lincoln to the Death of Lyon, published in 1886.

Notes Concerning the Author

Thomas Lowndes Snead (1828 – 1890), of St. Louis, Missouri, was a key aide to Governor Sterling Price during the State government’s efforts to prevent subjugation by Federal forces during the first years of the War Between the States.  Born in Henrico County, Virginia, Snead graduated from Richmond College in 1846 and the University of Virginia in 1848 before studying law.  He moved to St. Louis, Missouri in 1850 and eventually became a newspaperman, serving as owner and editor of the St. Louis Bulletin from 1860 until he became a civilian aide to Missouri Governor Claiborne Jackson.  In May 1861 Snead became aide-de-camp to Governor Jackson and commissioned an officer in the Missouri State Guard, and participated in the Battles  against Federal troops at Boonville, Carthage, Wilson’s Creek and Lexington.  After the Missouri State Guard was merged into the Confederate Army, Snead served as chief of staff for General Sterling Price’s Army of the West.

Our Review

This book, by a man who was present at all the important places and all the important times, has to be considered as an important resource when studying the struggle between the Missouri State Government and the Federal Government during the first months of the War Between the States.

Availability of this Book

Although published in 1886, you can find reprints of this book on Amazon.